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Laminate wood flooring is one of the most versatile flooring products available when considering the flooring needs of the home. Laminate flooring works well for any room in the home because the material is durable enough to withstand high traffic areas and is stain resistant. The cost per square foot makes quality laminate flooring an inexpensive flooring alternative to tile or carpeting.


There are 31 beautiful colors to choose from to match the decor of the home. Whether the choice is a light color, such as golden oak or whitewash wood, or a more traditional style, such as rustic or dark chocolate, the rich look of hardwood floors is available with far less expense than using real wood. The pattern of the wood grain gives the illusion of real wood that has been polished smooth.


Installation of laminate flooring is a simple process that is easily done by the do-it-yourself person. The interlocking sections are laid over a sub-floor called an underlayment. This is why laminate flooring is referred to as a floating floor because it floats freely over the sub-floor. Each plank has a groove on one side and protrusion on the other side called a tongue. This tongue-and-groove system allows the planks to lock together to form a solid surface. Once the laminate flooring is laid, the homeowner can install a baseboard or trim around the edges of the room according to the manufacturers instructions.


Proper cleaning keeps the floors looking as good as when they were first installed. The process used to manufacture the flooring allows the floors to keep the shine without waxing or polishing. A good laminate flooring cleaner does not strip or dull the surface like some household cleaners might. Sweep the floors with a nylon broom or a dust mop. Wipe spills as soon as they happen to avoid water spots, just as if the laminate floor was real wood. Protect the floors from scratches by adding felt tips to the bottoms of chair legs and other furniture. Sharp objects can damage the laminate wood floor. Keep a mat or throw rug near the door so guests can wipe their feet to remove damaging material, such as gravel, from the bottom of their shoes.


The 25 year warranty gives the homeowner piece of mind when purchasing quality laminate flooring for the home. The product is durable enough to last and still look good through the years. There is no need to replace the flooring surface in a few years, as with carpeting. There is no grout that gets dirty or chips away, as with tile. There is simply a quality floor that lasts.

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We have an extensive collection of colors and textures, Our laminate Floors have our standard finish, our high gloss finish, and our amazing hand scraped. We take pride in being able to complement any room at unbeatable prices. Come to our gallery to see how gorgeous our floors are in person, or simply look at our online gallery.

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