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Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Palm Beach - Free In Home Estimate $1.99 Full Installation
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Technologically Advanced Flooring

Wood flooring has seen a number of technological advances in recent years. The biggest improvement has come in the high grade laminate floors that are being offered by U S Wood Flooring. Currently there are more than 5 dozen varieties of stains, textures and styles of this authentic appearing, realistic flooring in stock, at an installed price of only $1.99 per square foot.

$1.99 Fully Installed

That is not a misprint, That price includes full installation and quality moisture resistant and sound deadening padding. If you have ever priced solid wood flooring planks, you know for a fact that these prices are only a fraction of the cost of sold wood.The laminates tare also solid wood but the top laminated top surface is actually a faithfully reproduced photograph image of the real thing that has been bonded and coated to make it impervious to wear when exposed to high traffic patterns, stains, moisture and foot traffic. It can take a beating and keep on looking great for many yeas of service. It carries a 25 year warranty.


With public concern about using “green” materials, laminate floors answer the call. They are all basically replenishable natural products made without using harmful, toxic materials in its composition.. That is totally the opposite of floors made of vinyl and carpets which contain chemicals and petroleum and other dangerous elements. Laminate floors can be installed by a do-it-yourselfer for even less, an incredible $0.79 per square foot less. With prices that low ($1.20 sq. ft.), a homeowner can easily afford to refinish a larger area than originally thought of.


No special tools or extraordinary skills are necessary. A person only needs to measure, trim the excess, and lay an over an easily installed underlayment. Finish by adding baseboard molding at the edges of the room and voilà, your floor is done. Self installers will enjoy working with the snap on feature.

Wide Selection

As the largest laminate floor dealer in the country, US Laminate Flooring has 2 galleries, one in Delray Beach and the other in Fort Lauderdale. The public can view samples of the many offerings including the new exotic African Teak and Soho. In fact there is over 1 million square feet of laminate in inventory.

Available Across Florida

If you choose to do it yourself, we offer free delivery to the following areas in Florida: Indian River, Palm Beach, St. Lucie as well as to communities in Broward, Hendry, Martin, Monroe and Dade counties. Our website illustrates sixty elegant designer finishes available. The number of patterns will continue to rise as our manufacturer adds more to its impressive selection.
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