·  3 mm Thick  ·
·  100 Sq. Ft. per Roll  ·
·  Volume Discounts  ·
(Used under floating and solid nail down wood floors.)

Our own proprietary brand of underlayment, this is our premium Soundproof Green Underlayment. This pad is a moisture barrier that provides sound control, additional temperature insulation, and a softer feel to your floors. The advanced technology that makes this possible allows your floor installations quick and painless!

·  3 mm

·  100 Sq. Ft. per Roll
·  Volume Discounts
·  Used under floating and solid nail down wood floors.

  A Completely waterproof pad with sound control our Sound Proof Underlayment.  The importance of sound control is more evident today than ever with the dramatic increase in volume of laminate flooring being  installed worldwide. Consumers are learning that acoustic values are just as important as cost and quality for their new floor in both residential and business environments.  Sound control is required in many apartments but why not use an underlayment that is also waterproof and provides technology that helps dampen noise from the  impact of walking or any other activities. We all hope that our newly installed floor are quiet, if not for the downstairs neighbor then for the resident. Soundproof Underlayment acoustic pad delivers the incredible scientifically tested sound ratings and is available for purchase with "closed cell" based waterproof technology. Soundproof underlayment will not only diminish ambient noise, and soften your steps, but also preserve your floors for decades.

 3 mm Thick

·  200 Sq. Ft. per Roll

The silver series is a viable inexpensive hardwood or laminate flooring underlay. The silver series offers a modicum of sound absorption for laminate and hardwood flooring. The higher density 2mm thick foam comes with an foil moisture barrier backing which requires no additional moisture barrier to protect your laminate floors from water damage. The foil layer of this unit adds a level of temperature insulation. The Silver Series is sometimes called a combo underlayment 

How Underlayment Works with Laminate Flooring

Underlayment is an accessory to laminate floors like baseboards, molding, and other features. When you have a new laminate floor installed, it can really breathe life into any space. While the look of laminate can be beautiful, an unseen factor in the installation plays a big role in the long-term durability of the floor. The underlayment is an essential part of the laminate flooring installation that you will not see once the job is done. What is underlayment and what does it do?

How it Works

Underlayment is a barrier or pad that you put down under the laminate . Before the laminate is ever installed, the installer will lay out the padding. Then the laminate flooring is installed on top of this surface. It typically comes in rolls and can be taped together to keep it in place.

The purpose of this material is to help support the laminate flooring. As you may know, laminate flooring locks together and simply lays down the floor. You do not have to attach it to the sub-floor or the wall in order to install it. Since the laminate is free floating, you have to make sure that it is supported. When you walk on the flooring, it needs a little bit of give underneath to make sure that the locking mechanism does not crack or break over time.

Another purpose of this material is that it can act as a sound barrier. For example, the sound proof foil can help absorb some of the sound that comes from walking on the flooring. If you are having laminate installed in an apartment complex, it is essential to have this type of sound proof blue foil so that you can prevent sound from transferring between apartment units. You can also get a standard silver foil pad if sound protection is not as big of an issue for you.

Moisture Issues

If you are installing laminate on a concrete sub-floor or in an area that is below grade, you will also need to install a moisture barrier. This is a barrier that goes in before the padding is installed. It helps keep any moisture from coming up through the floor and getting into the pad or the laminate core. Laminate does not work well in moist conditions and you need to take every precaution to eliminate the possibility of allowing moisture into the planks. Once you have the right moisture barrier and the right pad, you can move forward with the laminate installation.
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